Bradley Phillips

Bathing In Cobalt

There has become an unspoken expectation of what a photograph is in terms of content or what is photographed. A quick survey of popular photography or images that are "trending," reveals a social appetite for beautiful yet unfulfilling and soulless photographic content. This popular aesthetic has created a demand which forces image makers to create similarly shallow imagery if they seek to share their work and be noticed.

However, what if one was to consider photographic arts less in terms of a medium embedded with expectations and instead as material. Each image from Bathing In Cobalt explores how photographic processes and materials play an essential role in creation while avoiding entirely the notion that a photograph must be depictive. This focus on material resulted in artwork that made using photographic processes (cyanotype and anthotype), however each done without the use of a camera.

This resulted in "images" that are rich in color, that play on process and performative act, that consider an image in a state of latency as complete and that press against the expectations we all experience by popular demand.

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