Bradley Phillips

Video Will Resume

Within image-making, the emergence of new media has, perhaps, challenged the expected through the evolution of cross-media approaches and practices. As a result all forms of digital content can be examined for inherent expressive value. Video Will Resume takes its material from FaceTime screen shots and recordings of accompanying conversations that took place between myself and my son between 2012-2015. This archive of media has been used to create an interactive multimedia experience in the form of an audio/video installation. Spectators and participants will experience the material as it is broken down into its own essential components; image, sound and time. This examination delves into the relationship between technology and virtual artifact, as the experience of the work becomes a simulacrum of the original “face to face” interaction. As such viewers will be compelled to encounter FaceTime as a contemporary form of communication in which its flaws remind us of its own inadequacy of the real. However, in contrast, FaceTime simultaneously functions as an advancement of a technology that connects people in ways never before possible and presents a beautiful juxtaposition against its inherent flaws.

Installation Images