Bradley Phillips


Bradley Phillips is an Associate Professor of Photography at Southeast Missouri State University. In addition Bradley is the Multimedia Coordinator at Catapult Creative House, a creative arts incubator in Cape Girardeau Missouri. He received his Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies from the State University of New York at Buffalo and his Bachelors in Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara California. A selection of magazine and journals on which his work has appeared includes: Creative Quarterly, The Big Muddy, The Cape Rock Review and the Cimarron Review. Bradley has exhibited his work nationwide, most notably at Art Space and CEPA Gallery in New York.


The exchange between location and artistic production demonstrate a symbiotic relationship that has existed throughout history. The impact of urban evolution as culture, and the works of art produced by contemporary artists, reflect an inherent influence of place as it relates to artist. At the heart of my artistic practice lies a focus on place, identity and technology; each of which I believe is equally tied to one another and vitally important to the emerging artist.

A reality of the contemporary artist is the bygone age of the artist’s studio as the primary location of artistic genius. As a byproduct of modern technology, the location in which we live has become a crucial place in which we derive and create works of art. Places and the experiences we have within them have become a medium through which we create work.

Often my work examines this dynamic by utilizing photography and/or video, or as it is sometimes called the extended field. In an effort to create work that challenges the traditional and urges spectators to question their relationship to the places in which they exist, I find myself continually drawn to place and identity as it relates to the individual and collective experience.

Having lived in over a dozen cities in my own lifetime, I seek to create work that draws its beauty from representation and voice. Jon Ritter once said “The city as a whole is a dynamic creation of humanity. The city is as rich and deep and diverse as human life itself.” An examination of my work reveals how this extensive relational dynamic is a melting pot of creativity through which my work unfolds.