Bradley Phillips


Architectural photographer

St. Louis | Memphis

architectural Photographer

St. Louis | Memphis

Hi! I’m Bradley Phillips. 

I am an architectural photographer based out of the Midwest, specializing in photographing commercial and residential spaces. I work collaboratively with architects, interior designers, developers, and luxury real estate agents to help them convey the narrative of the designed environment to their clients.

A key element to my work is that, during a shoot, is the exchange of ideas and insights between the architect or designer and the photographer. That’s because every project is an exciting opportunity to work collaboratively with other creative experts! This approach enhances the final photographs due to the combined efforts and input from both sides.

While most of my architectural photography is made around the St. Louis and Memphis areas, I love to travel for work and would love to hear about opportunities to explore exciting new architectural projects from coast to coast.

I have an undergraduate degree in Commercial Advertising Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. As well as a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Studies from the State University of New York at Buffalo. In my spare time I enjoy sharing my knowledge of photography through teaching and mentorship. Additionally, I’m fortunate to live and maintain a 1952 John Boardman ranch, alongside my wife, three children and a pack of dogs.

The Difference an Architectural Photographer Makes

Successful architectural photography lies at the intersection of capturing the architect’s or designer’s original vision and conveying the experience of being present within the built environment. Photographers, like architects and designers, possess a spatial awareness that allows them to understand and appreciate the nuances of structure and form. 

By taking advantage of this shared understanding, an architectural photographer will capture not only the physical elements and aesthetics but also the atmosphere, emotions, and overall ambiance of the space. It is through this focused meeting point between the photographer’s eye and the essence of the architecture that the true character and allure of a building are revealed, creating a captivating visual narrative that resonates with viewers and brings the architect’s or designer’s vision to life.